Out for Safe Spaces BADJ Initiative

Building Allyship and Diversity in Jeffco (BADJ)

Our Vision: Everyone Belongs in Jefferson County

We imagine a Jeffco where ALL people are included, supported, seen, heard, valued, celebrated, treated with dignity, respected, and loved. Every community member will be able to participate fully, receive resources and support to meet their needs, and be able to thrive.

We want LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, multiracial, and, in fact, all people to feel at home in Jeffco, be connected to our community, have a sense of belonging here, and know that their authentic self is valued.

Out for Safe Spaces BADJ Initiative

So, let's get to work

Out for Safe Spaces” is a national initiative that supports adults who work with youth to visibly identify as trusted adults to LGBTQIA+, BIPOC and multiracial youth. Participating organizations’ staff and volunteers receive training in building affirming environments for LGBTQIA+, BIPOC and multiracial youth. Upon completion they will receive a badge signifying that they are prepared to work with and support LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, and multiracial youth as an ally. “Out for Safe Spaces” is based on the successful “Out for Safe Schools” initiative, both of which are run by the LA LGBT Center, with whom we are partnering on this project.

Out for Safe Spaces BADJ Initiative
Out for Safe Spaces BADJ Initiative

This is initiative IS

  • An approach to build viable, visible  allyship in Jeffco.
  • A way to get more adults trained to be more supportive of more youth.
  • A way to get conversations started and policies considered throughout Jeffco’s organizations.
  • For organizations, including their staff and formal volunteers who work with youth outside of their own family/social network on a regular basis (at minimum, 40 hours in the past year).
  • Funded and organized as a project of Jeffco CTC.
  • For organizations that already perform background checks on their employees &/or volunteers, not individuals.

This is initiative IS NOT

Out for Safe Spaces BADJ Initiative

Youth Voice About Why this Project is Needed in Jeffco

Current Out for Safe Spaces planning partners include:

  • Youth who live and/or go to school in Jefferson County 

  • Centura Health 

  • Jefferson County Public Health

  • Jefferson County Libraries

  • Jefferson County CSU Extension Service

  • Jefferson County Open Space

  • Jefferson County Human Services: Children, Youth, Families, and Adult Protective Services

  • Jefferson Center

  • Jeffco Schools

  • Jeffco Safe Schools Coalition 

  • Jeffco PTA

  • Jeffco Sports Equity Foundation 

  • Lakewood Parks & Recreation

  • LA LBGT Center

Out for Safe Spaces BADJ Initiative
Out for Safe Spaces BADJ Initiative

Workgroup meetings, Ongoing

The coalition has tasked this workgroup to engage in a comprehensive planning and piloting process. The workgroup is currently meeting with goals including:

  • Seeking funding
  • Creating a training program utilizing existing resources
  • Piloting the program
  • Evaluation

Current Out for Safe Spaces Pilot Sites include:

Want to get involved? Of course you do! Email: JeffersonCountyCTC@gmail.com

Visit the Los Angeles LGBT Center to find out more about this kind of idea!

This partnership program works with school districts and other education agencies across the nation to eliminate the social, emotional, and mental health inequities of LGBTQ+ students by partnering with education agencies on policy, culture, and practice initiatives that make schools safe and supportive learning environments. As part of the program, faculty, administrators, and other school personnel wear OUT for Safe Schools® badges to publicly identify themselves as LGBTQ allies, sending a visible message to all students that LGBTQ youth are welcomed and supported at school. Places already implementing Out for Safe Schools include:

  • Los Angeles Unified School District

  • Chicago Public Schools

  • New York Department of Education

  • San Diego Unified School District

  • Boston Public Schools

  • Dallas Independent School District

  • Madison Metropolitan School District