Jeffco Teens Community Impact

Would your town like to work with local youth toward reducing risk factors– and improving protective factors– among Jefferson County’s teenagers?

What is Jefferson County Communities That Care (CTC) Community Action with Teens (CAT) program?

Our community prevention coalition, which is made up of great community partners, including Jefferson Center for Mental Health, Jeffco Libraries, Jeffco PTA, Jeffco Schools, Jefferson County CSU Extension, Jeffo Connects and Jefferson County Public Health, among others, would like to invite cities & towns in Jefferson County to access free resources for the benefit of youth in their community.

By working collaboratively with youth and leveraging existing resources, we can reduce risk factors, & increase youth protective factors, both of which research shows prevent substance misuse, interpersonal violence, and hopelessness among youth.

On 6/24/2021 the Jeffco CTC board voted to recommend this policy language to the City of Lakewood, as well as other Jeffco jurisdictions.

How, exactly, would we participate?

That’s up to your city or town! There are plenty of options, all of which include youth voice. Here is our suggested structure, but we are able to be flexible to meet your community’s specific needs and goals:

  1. First we ask that your city or town formalize your commitment (or re-commitment) to your work with the coalition in one of two ways (or both is even better).
    • Your city or town council passes a local resolution (see sample, above) stating that you are a participating CTC Local Action for Youth participant, with a goal of being recognized as a Jeffco Community That Cares about Youth! Please let us know so we can be there when you pass it!
    • And/or a local group formally agrees to support the strategies, listed below, within your community. This organization might be, for example, a Rotary Club, a city board, a local non-profit or local PTA. Please let us know so we can be at the meeting when this is formally decided upon.
  2. Then select or more strategies from each category below (1, 2, 3, and 4).
    • Participating communities will be recognized as “A Community That Cares about Youth!” Remember, these are all no-cost options for your community, so your city or town is welcome to participate in as many ways as works for your community.

Collaborate with Jeffco CTC & liaison with local youth

  • Identify 2 or more adults to represent your community on the Jefferson County CTC Board which meets the 3rd Thursday of the month from 8-9:30 AM. These may be:
    • From the city: elected officials, city management, PIO, &/or police officers or SROs.
    • From a local high school or middle school: PTA leadership, nurse or SEL specialist, school staff, teachers, counselors or administrators &/or volunteers involved in the School Accountability Committee (SAC) or Healthy Schools Wellness Team.
    • From local organizations.
  • Liaison with a local high school age youth leader. The youth will be selected and paid by CTC as part of the CTC Youth Internship Program.

Support parents & guardians

  • Become a Twelve Talks Promotion Partner by sharing positive parenting content in your local newsletter, email, Facebook, Instagram or magazine using our easy-to-use toolkit.
  • Help promote Navigating Substance Experimentation in Teens for parents or guardians of teens who may be experimenting with alcohol, marijuana or medicine misuse, in partnership with Jeffco School’s nursing staff, available in English & Spanish.
  • Spread the word! Post social norming posters in your public buildings or in your local publications.

Provide opportunities to teens in your community!

Adopt policy &/or systems change options that reduce youth risk factors

  • Host CTC staff and/or youth leaders at a study session to review county data on youth risk & protective factors, along with potential policy options.

  • Pass one or more resolutions or ordinances that addresses risk or protective factors, these could include:

    • Restrict sales of flavored marijuana products (e.g., an addition to flavored nicotine produce & tobacco bans)

    • Social hosting laws adding fines for parties with underage drinking/marijuana use

    • Limit hours of operation or locations (proximity from schools, parks, etc.) for sales of marijuana and/or alcohol

    • Add a local tax to sale price of marijuana and/or alcohol

    • Restrict point of sale or counter top displays of paraphernalia

    • Pass a moratorium on marijuana hospitality laws