Twelve Talks to Have with Teens

Twelve Talks to Have With Teens

The Big Idea

Using existing campaigns and in consultation with our youth research interns, create a repository of information, resources and conversation starters about topics selected by parents, teens and community experts. Then, in a non-judgmental style, promote 1 topic per month that adults are encouraged to discuss with teens in their lives, leveraging pre-existing, evidence-based state or national campaigns, and including best practices for promoting productive dialogue with young people.

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Twelve Talks to Have With Teens at the 2022 Shared Risk and Protective Factor Conference

Current Twelve Talks to Have With Teens promotion partners include:

  • Family Tree, Inc.

  • Jefferson County Public Health

  • Jefferson County Libraries

  • Jeffco PTA

  • Jefferson County CSU Extension Service

  • Jefferson Center for Mental Health

  • Jeffco Schools

  • City of Lakewood

  • Denver Family Therapy Center