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"Buying for someone under 21?" concept

The messages below were created as “social norming” messages, designed to change people’s perceptions about what they might be about to do, by coalition members, including representatives from Jeffco Schools, The Conflict Center, Jefferson County Public Health and Jefferson Center. We know that these will not immediately stop people from buying alcohol for children, but the goal is to make it seem less acceptable.

The Policy & Substance Availability workgroup is creating plans to invite Jefferson County alcohol retailers to participate in a distributing these messages in a program that will include the following components:

1) Inform:

  • Display window clings/posters/ use bags, rotating messages quarterly.
  • Place bottle hangers/ stickers and/or use bags with messages.

2) Share best practices:

  • Share, via 2 surveys, best practices with other retailers for preventing shoplifting, shoulder taps in the parking lot, use of fake IDs and any other methods you used for preventing underage alcohol availability.

What are the messages?

Teen Spaces
Teen Spaces
Teen Spaces
Teen Spaces

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Timeline for "Buying for someone under 21?" campaign

  • Complete: CTC staff drafts messages following brainstorming from the work group. May 2020

  • Complete: Provide coalition and workgroup members, along with other stakeholders, the opportunity to provide feedback on the campaign messages. August 2020

  • Complete: Create a talking points document outlining the “why” behind the messages (see document here) August 2020

  • Underway: Create a QR code & landing page on www.twelvetalks.com . Provide more opportunities for feedback, including beta testing with retailers. September 2020

  • Order materials with messages printed on them. late September 2020

  • Recruit 3 or more retailers to participate in initial roll out of initiative October 2020

  • Roll out (see below). Late October 2020

    • Press release and website page, plus mention in CTC newsletter

    • Put materials in stores!