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From 2017 through December 31st, 2022, Jeffco CTC’s fiscal agent was Jefferson County Public Health. Beginning January 1st, 2023, Jeffco CTC is be a project of the Colorado Nonprofit Development Center (CNDC).

Why did we make this move? At CNDC, Jeffco CTC will benefit from:

  • Increased community control
  • Streamlined processes
  • Increased collaborative capacity
  • Reduced “indirect” costs, so we can spend more of our grant dollars directly on our initiatives

As always, the real goal, as always, is to be able to DO MORE TO SUPPORT OUR YOUTH.

This video is a quick-moving “cliff notes” version of why Jeffco CTC made this change.

Recorded during Jeffco CTC Board Q & A Session July 7, 2022

This video includes perspectives from our primary funder, several JCPH staff members, a youth intern, and one of our coalition’s contractors.

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Increasing community control

  • Enable power-sharing and community ownership.
  • Make coalition-driven decisions about communications, grant applications, and more. Currently, these decisions are subject to review by directors at JCPH and the board of health.
  • Advocate for community change based on coalition priorities.
  • Share coalition-specific messaging via Facebook, press releases and advertising.
  • Staff working directly for the coalition, rather than for JCPH.
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Streamlined processes

  • Much shorter time lines and simpler processes for many core processes, including:

    • Hiring youth interns

    • Paying youth interns

    • Hiring new staff members

    • Contracting

    • Paying contractors after invoices

    • Travel

  • Budget tracking at CNDC is available in real time and technical assistance is available for budgeting for programming.

  • Staff will be allowed to make smaller, budgeted purchases, including food for meetings, office supplies, food when traveling using a p-card.

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Increase collaborative capacity

  • Expand our ability to reach groups who may hesitate to work with a government agency.

  • Lower government- and process-related burdens will increase time available for community change.

  • More agility and faster turn around in hiring youth, contracting, purchasing, bringing in community advisors, and creating MOUs with partners.

  • In the future, our coalition could raise funds in a variety of ways as we look toward options for sustainability and flexibility to meet community needs based on community input.

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More money to spend on our initiatives

  • Lowering indirect from 29% charged by JCPH to 14% charged by CNDC could allow the coalition an additional approximate $90,000 per year to spend on the community.

  • As a project under the nonprofit CNDC, grant dollars would not contribute to triggering TABOR limits.

  • The coalition will no longer be obligating JCPH to guarantee our matching funds for the Drug Free Community grant.

  • Streamlined processes and shorter turn around will prevent underspending of grant funds.


We paid $179,000 per year in indirect costs to Jefferson County Public Health. By lowering the rate to 14%, which is what CNDC charges, we will save $91,000 per year. The Community First Foundation pledged an addition $100,000 of funding to use for the transition and to create an escrow account allowing the coalition to continue to accept reimbursable grants.

Continued Commitment to Partnering with Jefferson County Public Health

Before, during and after this transition, we remain totally committed to continuing our on-going collaboration with our great health department programs and partners. In fact, we plan to consider including this commitment in our bylaws next time they are updated. See the MOU between Jeffco CTC and Jeffco Public Health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for frequently asked questions about this transition. If you have additional questions, please either email us or watch our Q & A meeting above. The questions below will be updated as new questions are submitted by board members.

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Process (including Coalition Voting)

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Fiscal Agency & Money

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There must be downsides to making this move-- what are those?

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What might change?

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I have additional questions!

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